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Grand Trunk Gift Cards


Our new reloadable gift cards are finally in!! Just tell us how much you want on it.. Cheers!


Michigan Gift Baskets


These gift baskets represent what Foran's Grand Trunk Pub is all about.  Featuring a variety of Michigan bottled beers, a Faygo soda, and Better Made Chips, in a stylish package.  They're great to bring to parties, as well as give as gifts.  These baskets can be customized by request at a price point of $20.00 and up.  Contact us for special requests.

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Scottish Beer Dinner


Ticket to our Scottish Themed Dinner with Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery and The Hungry Dudes.

$40 per person + tax includes gratuity

Limited Seating

Pick up your tickets from the bartender on or before event day.


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Seinfeld Beer Dinner


Four Course Beer Dinner featuring Bell's Brewery with a Seinfeld theme.

Tickets are $40 per person + tax, gratuity is included.

Seating for this event is limited.

Pick up your tickets with our bar staff. 


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